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HAVE The Relationships You Want

Jacque Small tells a powerful adventure story of a common tragedy, divorce, while bringing listeners hope and possibility for their current relationships, or the one on the horizon. Jacque inspires her listeners to HAVE what they most desire in life.  Experienced motivational speaker, Jacque Small, will get the people in your audience excited about having the courage to face adversity and turn it into a big win for themselves.

Members of the audience will laugh with Jacque as they recognize themselves in her stories, while effortlessly identifying the Habits we all have that don’t serve us.  Jacque’s courage and inspiration touch hearts as the audience discovers through her example how to make the shift in Attitude that will allow them to have what they most desire in life.  Through her use of powerful questioning, Jacque assists the audience to create a Vision of how they want their life to look and feel and be.  Jacque’s dynamic energy and light-hearted approach demonstrate to the audience the excitement of Expressing our authentic selves and living into lasting relationships.

We are all in many relationships in our lives; they may be with a life partner, our children, our family, a business partner or co-workers. The lessons and wisdom of Jacque’s personal adventure, gained through her divorce, can be applied by anyone to any relationship. There is a saying that “the way we do anything is the way we do everything.”  Jacque will inspire your audience to see how to use life as a teacher to HAVE the experiences and feelings they most desire.



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