Private Coaching

Move Forward With Confidence 

My coaching clients seem to agree with me on this point: the most effective way to handle difficult situations is to have an experienced guide by your side.

Navigating emotional, personal or business challenges often feels turbulent.  Doing it on your own can be like making your way through whitewater rapids in a single person kayak—without a paddle! As your experienced guide, I will help you find the safest and quickest route. Your emotions can feel like they will pull you under. As your guide I will equip you with the best equipment and help you to navigate through the confusion, showing you the fastest way to your desired destination.

I have helped many people in business, relationship or other personal turmoil to discover “what is happiness” for them and then build confidence to take the actions necessary to achieve their ideal life. We can work on personal challenges or business challenges inter-changeably, depending upon your particular situation.

“One of my most enduring memories of you is when you showed up at SPE (workshop), heart broken, ready to work. To me, that sums up your character and determination as nothing else could.”  Roxanne, SPE Workshop Assistant

Jacque Small relationship and personal development coach

I have been where you are and would be honored to be one of your Life Adventure Guides, as your Coach.

 How it Works

Private coaching is provided in 3 one-hour sessions every month, at a time convenient for both of us. We meet by phone. You bring the biggest challenges you are facing in the moment.

We will resolve your emotional turmoil, explore new ideas for personal and/or professional growth and decide what action you will commit to for the week.

You will leave sessions inspired and confident about the next steps you want to take.

We work on a month-by-month basis, until you decide that you are well on your way to your desired destination and it is time to practice guiding your kayak on your own.

We agree you have “graduated” and celebrate your success!



Contact Jacque to book a coaching consultation.



We’ll spend about 30 minutes together, to determine whether coaching is right for you.

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