Divine Coaching

Coaching Makes Life Easier

  • Divorce Your Emotional Barriers
  • Discover For Yourself “What is Happiness”
  • Take Action to Achieve It
  • Enjoy the Feelings of Peace and Contentment

Maybe your relationship is in trouble, and you’re not sure how to save your marriage. Maybe you are going through a breakup, feeling deep emotional pain and need unbiased help. Perhaps your relationship ended years ago, you still have the taste of bitterness in your mouth. Maybe you have read the book, Divine Divorce:  How to Make a Great Adventure Out of the Worst Disaster of Your Life, and you would like help to apply the Tools and Principles in your life. Or maybe the emotional turmoil in your life has you struggling in your career or business and the standard advice is not working.

Whatever your situation, you’re here now. You’re ready to take action.

 Why Coaching Helps

There is a saying, “We can’t solve our problems with the same tools that created them”. The same principle is true for our lives.  We often can’t see ourselves and if we had the knowledge to solve our problems, we would have already done it!

Coaching is a source of unbiased insight, new information and direction on how to apply this information. It’s also a mechanism for accountability to take action.  Without action, change will not occur. I am your guide and your accountability partner.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Develop positive self-esteem and stop feeling as if you are “nobody,” and know that your life and your work are important.
  • Gain self-confidence to move forward  as new opportunities present themselves, to take on ever greater challenges. No longer say “I can’t … ”
  • Resolve anger issues that simmer below the surface and scorch people like a hot flame when provoked.
  • Overcome the fear of rejection and the profound feelings of hurt, sadness and feeling alone that accompany rejection.
  • Replace hard protective shells with softness and kindness.
  • Strengthen our backbones to no longer allow ourselves to be taken advantage of or be trampled upon. 

What’s Unique About Me, Jacque Small?

My clients say they appreciate me because I am a direct, practical coach who will tell it like it is and, at the same time, support them 100%.  Clients receive the very best of the practical knowledge I have gained from 30 years of business experience and 15 years of personal development work.  I eliminate the fluff and only use what has worked for me and others.

I share many tools I have acquired over the years of self-development work. But the biggest results for me occurred through the secret weapon I found: the Emotional Hot Button Removal Techniques.  Clients who have done a significant amount of personal development work agree the Emotional Hot Button Removal Techniques are the best thing they have ever learned.

It is these Techniques and the rapid results they generate that make my coaching practice divine.  I focus on removing the emotional upset and barriers first. Only then will we talk about your particular set of circumstances, to develop intellectual understanding of your path forward and the actions you need to take. I have discovered this two-step process—emotions first, talk second—is the fastest and easiest way to achieve amazing results.

What Next?

To have your own “divine divorce” from negative emotions and begin the journey forward to achieve amazing results in your life—whether business, personal or both—Contact Jacque Small for a free coaching consultation.

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