About the Book Divine Divorce

Divine Divorce: How To Make A Great Adventure Out Of The Worst Disaster Of Your Life

Come on a journey to turn the worst disaster of your life, getting over a break up, into a great adventure that will give you the self-confidence and freedom to choose the next steps of your dream life.

“Divine Divorce is much more than a book.  It is a treasured friend to hold your tender heart through trying times. 

By reading Jacque’s moving experiences, and the way that she met and mastered them, your own heart and wisdom will bloom.  You will be able to avoid years of suffering from divorce.”    Satyen and Suzanne Raja, Passion Igniters 

This book is a comprehensive self-help book you will use for years in all aspects of your life.

Along each stretch of the journey, I share my story of breaking up and the stories of other people seeking healthy relationships. Each of these stories is presented in a way to provide the reader with insights and breakup advice.

Some of the best and most practical personal development tools available are clearly highlighted for easy reference.  

Jacque shares ten key principles to live life by, plus the key principle she practiced everyday while going through her breakup.  Practice these principles and your life is guaranteed to bloom. 

It is also a workbook, packed with powerful self-help coaching questions to evaluate your relationship and life, allowing you to develop new perspectives and clarity.  Clarity facilitates better decisions and actions that result in more positive results.  

As you read Divine Divorce, you’ll start to recognize the personal challenges many of us experience in life and especially when breaking up with someone you love.  To mention just a few:

  • how to be more confident
  • how to build self-esteem
  • shame and feeling not good enough
  • bitterness and anger issues
  • fear of rejection
  • and more…

New powerful Techniques for dealing with emotional pain from breaking up are described in detail. You can use these Techniques in your current relationship to resolve your challenges or in finding love and happiness after divorce.  By answering the self-help questions, using the Tools and Techniques described in Divine Divorce you will discover:

  • how to survive a breakup
  • how to focus on happy thoughts
  • how to have a positive attitude
  • how to be more confident
  • and what is true love.

Many pieces of wisdom can be extracted from the experience of an unhealthy relationship, which will teach you how to stay positive and have a happy marriage in the future. Divine Divorce shares exactly HOW to gain and use this wisdom.  Being happy will become your normal state and future challenges will be easily overcome with your positive attitude.

Divine Divorce shows you how breaking up with someone you love can result in you being better off personally and take you on a journey toward your ideal life.

Come explore how to turn your disaster into a great adventure. 




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