It’s happened.  Your partner’s says “I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

The crushing pain of loss takes your breath.  

This wasn’t what you wanted. Shell shocked, you wonder how you’re ever going to get through a breakup. 

You talk to your friends, a river of tears flow as your heartbreak tumbles out.  They are sympathetic, they listen, they give advice, you feel better until you get home and you’re alone again.  The emptiness is deafening.  

Emotional chaos threatens to choke you,  a blanket of numbness roles in like a fog to surround you and protect you from the pain.  Depression looms, you’d love to stay in bed huddled under the covers for protection and pretend it didn’t happen.

But your kids need you.  You have a job to do, you need to figure out how you’re going to survive. 

You don’t have time to wallow in emotions of sadness and loneliness wishing things were back to normal.  Practical things need to get sorted out.

Anger and rage may be boiling inside.  You want to spit fire at your ex, but they are nowhere in sight and they don’t care.  You have no satisfactory outlet for all this pain.

The acid taste of bitterness lingers, broken promises, not being loved, someone else taking your place.  Your heart is trampled upon.  

Among all this emotional chaos your mind chatter chews over every hurtful situation like a dog with a bone keeping you awake at night, robbing you of much needed sleep.  

Like a zombie, you somehow make it through another day.  

People tell you, “it’s ok things will get better in time.” 

This is starting to piss me off.

The only thing this piece of common wisdom does is keep you in a place of suffering much longer than necessary.  

Emotional chaos sweeps away good decisions required to look after yourself and your kids. You have practical decisions to make to set up a safe secure home for them.

Waiting for time to heal all, keeps you rooted in anger fueling conflict with your former partner, making them the center of your attention, when your kids need you most.   You swim in a pool of negativity rather than calmness and love.  Meanwhile your kids need all the love they can get to adjust to the upheaval in their life.

The first step to getting over a breakup is to get out of the emotional chaos that is ripping you apart. 

Don’t wait, get help.     

All sources of help aren’t the same

Typically you would seek help from a counselor or a divorce group to talk about your situation. You express your anger, disappointment, hurt, loss, whatever it is you are feeling and struggling with. 

This is good.  You will feel better, gain a new intellectual understanding, get your bearings and be able to manage yourself better. 

Until your Ex does something that pisses you off.  Then the war is on again.


Talking affects our thinking and has little effect on emotions.  Emotions, when provoked, overwhelm rational thought.  That’s why many of my clients who have done counseling understand the situation logically, but they’re still an emotional mess. 

It takes special skills to eliminate the negative energy that fuels your emotional chaos. 

So why aren’t all counselors teaching these skills?  That’s a good question. 

I don’t know. 

I want to teach you the secret weapon I used to eliminate the emotional pain of my breakup, it is why I wrote the book Divine Divorce, it’s why I teach on-line classes and why I developed the Abrazase Life Retreat Center. 

You see when you have your secret weapon not only will you sort out the pain from your breakup quickly, you will also heal your childhood emotional conditioning.  It’s a big culprit in your breakup. 

This will clear the way for you to build confidence, find happiness and love within yourself banishing loneliness from your life.  You will be ready to embrace a new you and trust yourself to attract a different kind of partner in the future. 

Even better, the secret weapon, will become a family jewel, always close to your side when you need it and you can even pass it on to your kids. 

Your and your kids can be emotional baggage free. 

Imagine what that would be like. 

This is the divine part!

Hello my name is Jacque Small

The first thing you should know about me is I’m an ordinary woman who converted personal disaster into my ideal life. 

I followed the advice of my parents to “get a good education and a good job.” I was certain happiness and success would automatically follow. 

After obtaining a Masters in Economics, and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation I ground my way up the corporate ladder at a large bank. But I became a victim of work rage and clung with a white knuckled grip on the success ladder while swinging out over the abyss of a stress related illness. 

As I stared death in the eye and the voice of “I’m not good enough” screamed in my head it was a choice of die or find peace and happiness. I chose happiness, peace, and contentment. My passion to support others led to my becoming a certified Executive Coach, kicking off a 14 year career in leadership development. Hundreds of hours of personal development work led me to discover how to be happy. I became the “happiest person” my clients knew. 

I was cruising along when tropical storm Breakup shattered my world, plunging me into depression, fear, and sadness.  I lost everything I loved. 

But I was given a secret weapon and used it to climb out of depression, cut the tentacles off fear, and dry up my sadness. 

Determination to share my secret weapon with others gripped me.

Divine Divorce, How To Make A Great Adventure Out Of The Worst Disaster Of Your Life, published in 2014, divulges the secret weapon and how you can use it to heal your emotional pain, how to have healthy relationships and create your ideal life.

Divine Divorce whisked me away on an adventure to Belize and then Mexico, where I’ve found the peace, happiness, and success I have always looked for.  Working from my balcony of the Abrazarse Life Retreat Center, my heart overflows with contentment when I look up to see the Gulf of Mexico’s cool green waters.   

From disaster to opportunity, from lack of self-esteem to strong confidence, my story shows what’s possible for you when you’ve got a secret weapon along with intention and determination.  

But enough about me.  Let’s talk about you. 

You came here to get over a breakup, right?

Well, I want to help you and here’s why.

I know what it is like to suffer emotionally, feeling like I wasn’t good enough, unable to voice my deepest feelings in my relationship. Lacking confidence and controlling everything in my life to make sure I would’t fail.   

Suffering occurs in a breakup.  Not because your not strong, not because your not smart, but because you are not emotionally skilled.

The truth though?

You deserve to be loved and happy.

You are strong.  

You are smart.

The only thing holding you back is your ability to be calm and emotionally adept in challenging situations. There are those people who have confidence and can handle difficult situations, and frankly, if you are still reading this you are probably an emotional mess.

But that stops right now.

You and me we are going to turn it around. Together. 


The book Divine Divorce, an comprehensive guide to exploring your marriage and making it better, dealing with a breakup or divorce and moving on to a new life.

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